Terms & Conditions

By scheduling an appointment with us you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our billing is based on $120 per hour for labor one-hour minimum and billed by the minute after the first hour. Supplies and materials will be added to the total labor costs. Should we need to run to the store and pick up materials for you, that time will be included in the overall project costs. Likewise, repairs, overages, or anything else it takes to get the job well and truly done, will be added to the project. We do our best to discuss surprises and possible overages before we get into them to allow you to make an informed decision.

For example. A toilet replacement could be done in a couple of different ways.

1: We arrive on-site and all materials are there ready to go, no trips necessary, no repairs needed, and it is a simple swap, the invoice from us is likely to be in the $150 range.

2: We need to go to the store to pick up and deliver all the materials, our time starts when we arrive at the store to gather materials and runs until we have completed the project. The cost of the toilet ($200 for example) and related supplies are added to the labor time. This approach is likely to cost in the $475 range.

Combining projects into one trip is a great cost-savings measure. Changing a smoke detector and a bathroom faucet is not likely to cost $260, but $175 or so. $120 is the minimum labor rate to be met, so, once that has been met it goes by the minute, so there is some cost savings potential as you combine projects.

Payment is due upon completion of work. We accept major credit cards, check, and cash. You will be provided with an invoice for your records.

Our billable time begins when we arrive on-site and stops once the project is complete. Any time spent and materials used related to your project are subject to billing and will be passed on to the client.