Your home’s year-round maintenance needs simply met while you get on with your life.

Between Family, Work, Leisure, and much-needed rest, the last thing you want to do is spend your well-deserved downtime working on the house.

Yet, your home still needs all the year-round maintenance work to keep it from breaking down or being energy inefficient.

Our SimpleFix Plus takes care of your home’s year-round maintenance needs while you get on with your life.

SimpleFix Plus is affordable, too, because the monthly or quarterly fee is based on the size of your home.

Own your home, don’t let it own you!

20+ Preventative Fixes Around Your Home

We visit your home regularly to conduct preventative fixes that are appropriate for the season. Go here for the full list of what the SimpleFix Plus includes.

We Provide Most Of The Supplies

We know the best products to use and so we come prepared with those products, included in the cost of this program. There are some exceptions. For a full list of what we provide, plus some of the items we might need you to supply, go here.

Priority Scheduling + Discounted Pricing (if you ever need it)

Our SimpleFix Plus customers get the benefit of priority scheduling. If your home needs a fix other than maintenance, we also give Program customers a discounted rate!

SimpleFix+ Pricing

SimpleFix Plus is simply based on the square footage of your home. 
Choose between our quarterly or monthly options.

SimpleFix+ Quarterly

4 Home Visits Per Year

SimpleFix+ Monthly

12 Home Visits Per Year

Custom plans available for any home upon request!

*All pricing and plans subject to change pending on site evaluation and special circumstances. Al La Carte Programs Billed in addition to base plan and as part of your program.

**Services and additional items performed beyond planned program services may be scheduled outside of program visit and may be subject to additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Really! All you have to do is let us know you want to subscribe to a SimpleFix Plus program. We take over from there. We answer all your questions and make sure that our plan is a good fit for you and your home. Once we are 90% certain that this is a good fit, and you are comfortable moving forward we schedule a FREE evaluation. That is where we come out to your home and give it a once over to make sure everyone is on the same page. We will go over what to expect from the program and answer any lingering questions you may have. As part of that evaluation we will take a look at other repairs that may be looming on the horizon so we can make a plan together to accomplish those and do our best to avoid a total surprise and emergency repairs. 

Once the evaluation phase is complete we get you signed up and in our system. We can schedule a fixed time and day to come out or reach out when you are due for a visit and set one up then. From there, all we need is access to you home and our techs will begin improving the health of your home! Each visit will take about an hour, some longer, some shorter. Of course the larger the house and the more to do, the longer it will take. We want to be thorough and ensure that your home gets the proper attention!

  • All items below on an as needed basis or recommended cycle:
  • Treat for Mold/Mildew and sanitize your home using EPA Registered pet friendly products
  • Oil/Grease Door hinges
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Garage
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Degrease oven hood
  • Furnace filter (supply new filter quarterly with long life filters)
  • Inspect Smoke detectors, and replace batteries
  • Lightbulbs: We provide up to 4 LED bulbs per year for standard fixtures
  • Winterization: Water spiggots and other exterior items required
  • Check caulk seals around plumbing for failure and replace as needed
  • Door lock cylinders lubricated
  • Inspect:
    • Water shut offs for faucets/toilets/washer to ensure operability
    • Plumbing Fixtures for loose or failing components
    • Exterior caulk ground floor only
    • Decking elements such as railing and structure for failure or dangerous elements
    • Weather stripping around exterior doors for air tight fit
  • Vacuum
    • Return Vent
    • Bathroom vent fan
    • Fridge coil and/or bottom face

What we provide:

  • Batteries for smokes, 1 set per year
  • Standard sized furnace filters
  • 4 free LED bulbs/yr
  • Oil/Grease
  • Shop supplies
  • Caulk
  • Door Corner seals
  • Graphite Powder
  • Lubricants ( WD-40, PB Blaster, 2 in 1 oil)
  • Cleaners
  • Composite Shims

Anything above and beyond the standard and normal fixtures and plan outline. Should a special circumstance arise we will work 1 on 1 with you to make sure you are taken care of. If you have special needs or requirements please let us know during your evaluation so we can be sure to accommodate your needs as best as possible.

Believe it or not, our homes are more like a living organism than not. It needs to breathe, be cared for, and nurtured. The average annual cost for maintenance on a home is 2-4% of the homes value. The majority of these expenses come from avoidable repairs, the rest come from end of life items (such as a roof, furnace, or water heater that has reached the end of its life and needs replaced). Through SimpleFix Plus, we aim to drastically reduce the cost of maintenance and prevent many types of costly repairs. We also realize that most folks would rather leave this to the pros. We know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right the first time! We are on time, professional, and  genuinely care about you and your home. Don’t miss another ball game or family outing because you have to stay home and work on the house! Simply put: We aim to take care of your home, while you get on with your life.

We are a small, family-and-veteran-owned business based in Northern Kentucky. We are ever growing however, and may be coming your way. Go ahead and reach out to us and let us know where you are so we know where to come next!

No, is the short answer! You will have a service agreement that stipulates what to expect from us, and what we expect from you. However, our SimpleFix Plus program can be started and cancelled at anytime! We do recommend that when signing up, you plan to commit to one full calendar year, that way you can reap the full benefits of seasonal items to ensure the best health of your home.

Absolutely! Every service listed above can be done with a phone call and by any one of our amazing team. If you would prefer to have us out once a year to do every listed, or simply focus on repairs just reach out to us and we can get your on the schedule and service you and your home on your terms!

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