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SimpleFix was born out of a need in the community. Adam, the owner of our parent company Meraki Contractors saw a void that needed filling:

“We found that many of our clients would ask us to do odd jobs while we are on-site for the larger projects. Of course, we would take care of them while there, but it is not economical for the client to have us make a special trip to swap a faucet or fix a door, the cost was prohibitive. However, that did not address our clients’ and our community’s needs for a simple repair. SimpleFix Handyman is the solution for a real void, we are making an impact!”

Our primary focus is Repair and Replace existing elements common to every household, like to-do list items. Patching drywall, replacing a leaky faucet, repairing a squeaky door, even hanging pictures are all common items that need doing around the house. Your time is too valuable to spend on these repairs. Our mission is to give you time and make your life simpler. Make one phone call and we arrive quickly and promptly to solve your household issues. Our team is professional and polite and makes every reasonable effort to simplify your life as it pertains to your home repairs. If you don’t know who to call about any issue with your home, call us and we will do everything we can to help solve it.

One way that we Keep it Simple is by focusing on SimpleFixes. In so doing we can respond quickly and readily prepared to tackle the most common issues. We do not get hung up on a long job tying us up for days and weeks on end. We do not take on large jobs at SimpleFix, anything larger than 1 day or so goes to our sister company Meraki Contractors. They are better suited for large projects and that keeps us agile and ready to respond quickly to your simple needs.

Secondly, our transparent and simple pricing structure. There are no hidden costs, surprise fees, or complex things to understand. We have a flat rate per hour price, and we pass the costs of the materials required on to you. This removes questions, doubt, uncertainty, and confusion about what you are paying for. Once the 1-hour minimum is met, the time is billed by the minute so you can be sure that you are only paying for what you need.

Additionally, we do not have a sales and estimating team that you need to pay for. The projects that we focus on do not require a site visit and a formal estimate prior to work. Our service team can provide you an estimate or evaluation on the spot if desired, which is just treated as a normal service call. By removing the need for a support team our overhead is lowered and it keeps things simple. In lieu of estimates, we provide a list of average service costs for common projects around the house. This helps set some expectations. If you would like an estimate for a project you can reach out to our team for help, or schedule a service call.

Lastly, our core values. Our core values help make things simple. We have 3 core values that guide our every step. Integrity, Professionalism, Quality. Our whole team lives out these values in every aspect, putting your mind at ease and allowing you to trust in your decision in having us out. We commit to not using foul language, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs in your home and around your family. We take pride in our work and are honest about it. We treat your home like our own and ensure that we service your needs the way we would want them done in our own homes.

Simply Stated.

“SimpleFix is one of the only companies I can trust for working in my home! They are second to none!”

Homeowner • Covington, KY

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